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Nutrients & Recommended Intakes

Learn about the role of nutrients for health and sports performance and the latest public health nutrition guidelines. Explore different dietary intake evaluation methods and strategies for improving data accuracy through real-world case-based scenarios.

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20 hours of learning

Watch 4 presentations featuring guest experts

Apply your learnings into practice in 3 case-based scenarios

For current and aspiring sport and exercise nutritionists

What you'll learn

Nutrients and non-nutrients to inform requirements and their role, function, and composition in the human body.

Critically appraise retrospective and prospective methods of collecting dietary intake data in the exercising individual.

Experience implementing a 3-day weighed food record and critically reflect on the process.

Develop practical instructions that help athletes accurately record their dietary intake in the field.

Develop essential skills to apply in practice

Critically appraise the dietary intake of a young female soccer player and provide suggestions for improving the validity of their reported intake in the future.
Advise a professional male soccer player on how to keep a reliable, accurate food record and critically appraise the athlete’s logged data in accordance with other components of a nutritional assessment.
Create a series of practical instructions for a female competitive triathlete that will allow them to record their dietary intake over 4-days using the weighed food record method.

The Head of Department for Online Learning at the IOPN and responsible for the management, design, and content development of the IOPN’s educational programmes.

Professor of Human Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University where he combines his academic research with nutrition and physiology consultancy to some of the world’s leading sporting organisations, including England Rugby Union and DP World Tour Golf.

Latest research: “Food First but Not Always Food Only”: Recommendations for Using Dietary Supplements in Sport by Close et al. (2022)

Athabasca University, Canada and UK

£395 + VAT

Nutrients and Recommended Intakes

Upgrade your knowledge in sports nutrition and learn the practical skills you need to work with private clients, athletes and teams, through our advanced Short Course.

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Short Course Syllabus

Part 1: Relevant theory [±7 hours]

Part 2: Expert translation [±6 hours]

Part 3: Competent application [±7 hours]