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Position Stand #1: Fasted Training & Body Composition

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is fasted exercise and how is it performed?
  3. Is fasted exercise more potent than non-fasted exercise at reducing body fat?
  4. Where does energy balance fit in?
  5. What are some of the potential limitations to fasted exercise?
  6. Practical considerations
  7. Future research directions
  8. Context statement
  9. References
  10. Authors




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Over the years there has been a substantial research effort to establish effective and efficient methods of promoting body fat loss; something that is desired by elite athletes and ‘average Joe’ at some point in time. Exercise is a mainstay strategy used by many to aid with the loss of body fat, with some arguing that the timing of nutrition around exercise could also be important. Specifically, it has been proposed that performing exercise sessions in the fasted as opposed to non-fasted (fed) state could help to accelerate the loss of body fat.

The efficacy of fasted exercise for this purpose has been a hot topic of debate across both the scientific literature and general public (particularly across popular social media!), which has led to a certain degree of confusion on the matter among many. The purpose of this article is to help provide some clarity. Specifically, we will aim to: (i) provide an overview of current research that has investigated the potency of fasted exercise on body fat loss, (ii) discuss the potential limitations to fasted exercise and suggest practical strategies to help offset these, (iii) offer our thoughts on the practicality of using fasted exercise as a tool to improve body composition in the ‘real world’ setting with ‘real world’ people, and (iv) propose some future research directions.

Before we get into it, we feel it’s important to acknowledge that it is beyond the scope of this article to provide an in depth commentary on all of the available literature in this area. Nor are we able to cover each and every practical consideration relating to the use of fasted exercise. What we aim to do is explore some of the most pertinent aspects of this training methodology using a completely unbiased approach, and we encourage readers to get in touch with us directly should they have any questions, or would like to share with us their own thoughts and / or experiences.

Finally, it is also worth noting that this article delves into the efficacy of fasted training from a body composition (physique) standpoint, and it should be acknowledged that fasted exercise could be useful for reasons other than this, such as for improving metabolic health and / or exercise performance. But don’t worry; the latter will be the focus of our second technical article – coming your way soon!

Download the Full PDF article >> Guru Performance Position Stand on Fasted Training & Body Composition