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Position Stand #2 – Fasted Training and Exercise Performance

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  1. Introduction
  2. Fasted training & exercise performance – what the research says
  3. Key considerations when evaluating the available research
  4. Potential limitations to fasted exercise when the goal is adaptation
  5. Practical considerations
  6. Future research
  7. Context statement
  8. References
  9. Authors




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Our first Position Stand explored the efficacy of fasted exercise for the purpose of fat loss, during which we described various ways in which fasted exercise can be performed. A common theme among these methods is that they all require a certain degree of carbohydrate restriction in and around training, which as well as its potential for accelerating body fat loss, could also have favourable implications for exercise performance. As such, the purpose of this Position Stand is to address the significance of fasted exercise (in the form of carbohydrate restriction) through a slightly different lens – one which considers its potential for enhancing the ‘strength’ of the exercise stimulus, and ultimately exercise performance itself. Indeed, this is an exciting area of research that has grasped the attention of multiple research teams from all around the world; many of whom are striving to answer the same question: ‘does strategically manipulating carbohydrate availability in and around training augment exercise performance?’. Herein we will provide an up-to-date summary of the available literature, and contextualise the research to help inform practice. Specifically, we will look at the practicality of carbohydrate restriction in and around exercise, and give our thoughts on whether athletes should consider incorporating this type of strategy within their training regime with a view to improving performance.


Download the Full PDF article >> Guru Performance Position Stand on Fasted Exercise & Performance