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Episode 69 of the Guru Performance ‘We Do Science’ Podcast! In this episode I (Laurent Bannock) discuss ‘Immunological Aspects of Training & Sports Nutrition’ with Professor Michael Gleeson, Loughborough University, UK. In this session we get into:

  • Relevance of Immune Function to Athletes
  • Causes of Illness in Athletes
  • Intensive Training & Effects on Immune Function
  • Personal and Travel Hygiene & Immune Health
  • Sleep and Immune Function
  • Energy balance, Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins
  • Vitamin D (and other micronutrients)
  • Supplements (that may support immune health, supplements that likely won’t)
  • Probiotics and Gut Health
  • Testing methodsPractical Guidelines to Maintain Health & Limit Risk of Infection

Key Papers:


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