The role

Under the direct authority of the Performance Director and in consultation with the Dietitian of the professional team, the Dietitian-Nutritionist is responsible for the daily nutritional monitoring of the players of the academy.

He brings his expertise and implements the necessary actions on the nutritional level, in collaboration with the medical staff of the academy, in order to contribute to the optimisation of the performance of the players in training and during matches.




  • Establish individual dietary assessments for all players in the academy;
  • Ensure the overall daily nutritional monitoring of the players of the academy;
  • Develop and offer individualised nutritional programs in line with the specific needs of academy players: food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, food-related pathologies, dietary adaptations in times of injury, etc.;
  • Establish collective annual nutritional planning (workshops, planned projects, assessment tools and methods, etc.) and individualised (specific follow-up in line with staff requests) for academy players;
  • Develop and adjust the specifications for the daily menus offered by the Company’s service providers within the academy, as well as all the food services offered to players and staff of the academy: hotel / restaurant menus during travel, composition of packed lunches, bus and/or changing room snacks, etc.;
  • Ensure regular anthropometric monitoring (height, weight, body fat) of academy players in accordance with the methods and protocols of the professional team;
  • In direct relation with the medical staff of the academy, to ensure the follow-up of the possible supplementation (iron, vitamin D…) of the players of the academy;
  • Participate in the weekly staff meetings of the academy;
  • Provide regular advice and guidance to players, staff and management on player fitness and welfare;
  • Ensure active monitoring of scientific literature and good practices related to nutrition in a professional football club academy;
  • Ensure a regular presence at the matches of the academy teams;
  • And any other assignment that may fall within his or her function;


Required skills

  • Dietetics BTS or IUT Biological Engineering Dietetics Option
  • DU Sports Nutrition
  • Additional training (bachelors/masters related to sport and nutrition, AFDN certifications, online training, etc.)

Required experience

  • Work experience in team sports
  • Experience in reading / analysing / writing scientific content related to nutrition


  • French
  • English (good level)


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