1. JOB TITLE: Lead Performance Nutritionist, Munster Rugby (Full Time)

LOCATION: Munster Rugby, High Performance Centre, University of Limerick


  • Manage the performance nutrition service delivery and ensure alignment between

National Talent Squad (NTS), Academy and Senior nutrition programmes.

  • Develop and deliver nutrition support services to Munster Rugby Senior squad,

working as part of the High Performance multidisciplinary team to integrate

nutrition into players’ programmes to optimise health and maximise performance.



Operational: Head Coach, Munster Ruby

Functional: Chief Executive Officer, Munster Rugby

IRFU Head of Nutrition


  1. MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITIES (in conjunction with the IRFU Head of Nutrition)
  • Academy Performance Nutritionist, Munster Rugby


  • IRFU Head of Nutrition
  • Head of Athletic Performance, Munster Rugby
  • Lead Doctor, Munster Rugby
  • Lead Physiotherapy staff, Munster Rugby
  • Coaching staff, Munster Rugby
  • Operations staff, Munster Rugby
  • Commercial Department, Munster Rugby



Leadership and Management

  • Promote an environment and culture within Munster Rugby that supports nutrition

as an integral component of high performance.

June 2022

  • Manage and develop nutrition programmes across Senior, Academy and NTS

programmes and deliver best practice service through direct work with Senior squad


  • Provide professional leadership and mentorship to the Academy Performance

Nutritionist at Munster Rugby and meet regularly to manage relationships and

ensure continuous professional development.

  • Be professionally responsible for own practice and the oversight of all aspects of

service delivery in Munster Rugby.

  • Lead the multidisciplinary team on integrated well-being projects with significance

to nutrition.

  • Adhere to IRFU policies in relation to best practice and ethical behaviour.

Service Delivery

  • Maximise the performance impact of performance nutrition across Senior, Academy

and NTS programmes by working closely with the Academy Nutritionist, the Athletic

Performance and Medical departments and Coaching staff in Munster Rugby to

maximise the effectiveness of players’ training and competitive programmes

through appropriate nutrition strategies.

  • Adopt a ‘food-first’ approach when delivering nutrition education to all players and


  • Implement strategies to support players’ training and competitive programmes

whilst demonstrating a comprehensive knowledge of the science that supports

sports nutrition e.g. nutrition to support strength development, recovery, hydration,

supplementation, use of ergogenic aids, recovery from surgery etc.

  • Liaise with hotels and catering staff at away venues and the catering team at home

venues to ensure appropriate nutrition is provided for players.

  • Manage and monitor a sports supplement programme across Senior, Academy and

NTS programmes that adheres to the IRFU Policy on Sports Food and Supplement

use in conjunction with Munster Rugby’s supplement partners.

  • Implement best practice for food hygiene and undertake food safety training if

certification is not already held.

  • Contribute to Munster Rugby’s Health and Well-being education programme (if




  • Meet regularly with the IRFU Head of Nutrition on all aspects of nutrition service

development and participate in developing nutrition service delivery, including

attendance at review meetings.

  • Build and maintain relationships with all personnel listed in ‘Working Relationships’

on all matters that impact on nutrition service provision in Munster Rugby.

  • Be responsible for maintaining relationships with existing nutrition partners and

identifying potential new partners in conjunction with the Commercial Department.

June 2022

Documentation and Reporting

  • Maintain records of all nutrition interventions and supplement issue and track

measurable outcomes. Maintain up-to-date documentation on online player

management system (TSO at present).

  • Provide or present reports on nutrition service developments to Senior

Management Team in Munster Rugby as requested.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Education and Audit

  • Engage in continuing professional development (CPD) relevant to sports nutrition

(including participation in IRFU in-service meetings) and be willing to participate in

research if the opportunity arises.

  • Carry out audits of service delivery to support improvements and change in service

delivery where necessary.


Performance measures will be made in the following areas:

o Leadership and Management

o Service Delivery

o Communication

o Documentation and Reporting

o CPD, Education and Audit


  • Annual KPIs will be agreed with the IRFU Head of Nutrition on specific areas of work

outlined in roles and responsibilities.

  • Participate in Performance Development Review on an annual basis with operational

and functional line managers.

June 2022


Essential criteria:

Applicants must, at the closing date for applications, be able to display and provide

evidence of the following qualifications/training, experience, specialist knowledge,

skills/abilities and behaviours outlined below:


Qualifications & Training

o An undergraduate degree in nutrition or dietetics with a recognised postgraduate qualification in a Sport and Exercise related subject e.g. sports

nutrition, exercise physiology, sports science OR an undergraduate degree in a

Sport and Exercise related subject with a recognised post-graduate qualification

in nutrition or sports nutrition.

o ISAK Level 1 (or above) accreditation.



o Detailed understanding of the nutritional issues (clinical and performance)

relevant to high performance sport.

o Thorough understanding of the various sports science and sports medicine


o An understanding of rehabilitation, recovery, regeneration and robustness



o A minimum of 3 years’ post graduate experience in the provision of nutritional

support to athletes and coaches in an elite sporting environment.

o Demonstrable experience in all areas of planning, implementation, modification

and monitoring of specific nutrition programmes to support high performance.

o A verifiable record of working within a multidisciplinary team in the delivery of

performance nutrition support in elite sport.


Skills & Abilities

o Excellent communication skills.

o Excellent presentation skills.

o Able to motivate behavioural change.

o Good IT (including dietary analysis) skills.

o Good organisational skills to include record keeping.


o Ability to problem-solve.

o Adaptable and flexible in working arrangements to support the needs of the



o Available to work irregular and unsocial hours as required involving work

outside normal office hours, at evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays.

o Full driving licence and access to a form of transport that will permit the

jobholder to meet the requirements of the post in full.


Desirable Criteria:

Experience &



o Experience of working with elite rugby players or other collision sports

o Experience in academic and/or applied research in the field of performance


o Practitioner registration with the UK Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register