The APC is an athlete accelerator where we enable Red Bull athletes to become truly outstanding performers. In your role as Performance Nutritionist, you will offer evidence based nutrition advice, perform nutrition related tests and take the responsibility of the food provision for the athletes at the Red Bull Athlete Performance Center (APC) in Los Angeles. You will play an active role in an interdisciplinary team, striving to increase performance, prevent injuries, and maximize the individual potential of world-class athletes, which nutrition is a vital part.



  • 5+ years experience in sports nutrition / counseling
  • Formal education as Sports Nutritionist / Sports Dietitian, RD
  • SENr-registered preferable
  • Work experience in area of sports nutrition with professional athletes
  • Scientific experience in nutrition science
  • Published works desirable



  • Nutrition counseling at the Red Bull APC for individual athletes and for teams
  • Counseling on supplements, as well as the corresponding compliance to the Anti-Doping regulations
  • Counseling on injury recovery, regeneration between training blocks and competitions in terms of nutrition
  • Support in optimizing body composition to the corresponding sport discipline (healthy weight gain / loss)
  • Performing sweat measurements / FatMax test
  • Documentation of the provided counseling
  • Responsible for the athlete meals & snack bar at the APC LA facility
  • Take part in nutrition related scientific projects
  • Work in alignment with the APC global evidence-based philosophies


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