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Prospective students can apply for a place on the program at any time and if accepted, because the program is delivered in a self-paced format, one can start the online course materials immediately upon enrolment into the next available cohort which will open every 3 months. This program allows for considerable flexibility for busy working professionals which is a key feature of the program design.

Each cohort opens officially on the 25th of the cohort month (Feb, May, Aug, Nov), with the application and enrolment deadline for each cohort being the last day of the cohort month. There is a maximum time-limit of 15 months, however thanks to the flexibility of the course delivery it is possible to complete the program in as little as 8 months (with a greater time investment).

Each cohort will be guided through the course by Dr Laurent Bannock, supported by our team of tutors, which also facilitates networking with fellow students from all over the world.

Whilst students can undertake this program 100% online, from anywhere in the world, students are encouraged to attend our live events in the UK which we now run regularly throughout the year. These workshop and seminar sessions, such as our “Science to Practice: Case Studies” workshop events, are an ideal complement to the online program where we will apply the science into real-world case study scenarios; to help enable effective practice. Please see our EventBrite event organiser page for all current events.