Spotting the gap

The Institute of Performance Nutrition (aka “The IOPN”) has made significant progress since its inception by Dr Laurent Bannock in 2011. Initially, our focus was on taught seminars, short courses, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) workshops in London. These were designed to assist practitioners and coaches working in the health and fitness and professional sport industries. Subsequently, we expanded to offer the first version of what is now known as the IOPN Diploma, featuring a range of leading experts in field.


Research publications

Uniquely our research has focused on applied practice in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and bridging the gap that exists between science and practice. Since our first publication in 2014, Dr Laurent Bannock and the team have collaborated on many research publications, as well as self-published works. Our commitment to keeping up with the latest findings has been instrumental in shaping the IOPN’s practitioner-focused education programs, tools, and resources. In line with our goal of translating science into practice, our latest publication on evidence-based practice is scheduled for launch in 2023.


Award winning podcast

The IOPN’s We Do Science podcast, hosted by Dr Laurent Bannock was the inaugural recipient of the BDA SENr’s Professor Sir Clyde Williams OBE Award for Sport and Exercise Nutrition Research / Education in 2016. Initially created to help keep up with research, the podcast quickly became a premier resource for thousands of listeners in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, earning a spot in the top 10 podcasts worldwide in the field of “Fitness and Nutrition” with over 1 million downloads. A highly recommended resource by University professors and has even been referenced in peer reviewed research!

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The launch of our fully accredited postgraduate programme

2022 was an exciting year for the IOPN. The culmination of learning and experience gained, combined with Dr Laurent Bannock’s doctoral research in Bridging the Gap Between Science and Practice, led to the latest version of The IOPN Diploma in Sports Nutrition. This diploma addresses the real-world needs of current professionals in Sport and Exercise Nutrition and has become the world’s only fully accredited, vocationally focused, postgraduate Level 7 diploma in Sports Nutrition.

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The launch of our software for sports nutritionists

Our commitment to supporting current and aspiring Sport and Exercise Nutrition professionals goes beyond education. Recognising the gap between practitioners and their clients, as well as the transition to online coaching, we launched SENPRO in 2020. This client coaching and practice management software has been purpose-built to equip Sport and Exercise Nutrition professionals with the tools and resources they need to manage and support their clients effectively online.

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Building a community of professionals

We also established a Professional Development Programme to enable IOPN graduates to come together in a safe space to support one another and look forward to seeing this community thrive in the months to come.

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What’s next

Despite its achievements, the IOPN remains focused on supporting current and aspiring practitioners in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, paving the way for a brighter future in the field. The organisation believes that traditional educational pathways have not adequately equipped practitioners in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. The IOPN therefore continue to solve the problems faced in this field, through further practice-focused professional and academic education programmes, research publications, short courses, and other relevant outputs.