IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition: Course Overview


The IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition is an advanced (level 7) professional training and development program for nutritionists looking to specialise in sport and exercise nutrition. The IOPN Diploma is internationally recognised, and uniquely designed to bridge the gap between science and practice via a competency-based education approach.

The course is available 100% online, utilising the best available learning technologies along with extensive support from the IOPN tutoring team, and specifically focusses on topics relevant to sport and exercise nutrition and its translation and application into effective daily practice. The program goal, therefore, is to develop highly skilled and effective sport and exercise nutritionists who are well equipped with the confidence and competence to work with teams, individual athletes, and recreationally active clients in the “real world”.

Student Handbook
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100% online / distance Learning Supported by our team of tutors


8 – 15 months Flexible study format


Four cohorts per year (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) Apply now for the next available cohort


Your learning journey


Module 1: Sports Nutrition Fundamentals 1

Key topics: Nutrient and recommended intakes, Fuels sources for muscular activity, Nutrition and fatigue, Relative energy deficiency in sport


Module 2: Sports Nutrition fundamentals 2

Key topics: Gastric emptying, digestion and absorption, Carbohydrates, Protein and amino acids, Lipids


Module 3: Sports Nutrition fundamentals 3

Key topics: Metabolic regulation, Fluid balance and water requirements, Vitamins and minerals, Nutrition supplements

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Module 4: Advanced Sports Nutrition

Key topics: Nutrition and training adaptations, Body weight regulation, Nutrition and body composition, Personalised nutrition


Module 5: Advanced Sports Nutrition: Science to Practice

Key topics: Scope of practice, Nutrition for high-performance athletes, Nutrition in endurance sports, Nutrition in high-intensity intermittent sports, Nutrition for injury and rehabilitation, Reflective practice

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Our unique ‘Science to Practice‘ 3-step process

Anatomy of a study module



Textbook readings, journal papers, podcast interviews with journal paper authors, quizzes and more!
*Supported by PhD qualified tutor


Lectures by top practitioners and researchers, podcasts, videos, consensus statements
*Supported by expert tutor


Case Study Final Project based on ‘real-world’ client scenarios
*Supported by SENr Registered Practitioners

Eloy Rodriguez

The best investment I have made in my professional career.

The Diploma has allowed for me to enhance the results I can achieve with my clients, which has led to professional doors opening in ways I never imagined!

Eloy Rodriguez, Strength & Conditioning Coach
Paul Garrod

The IOPN Diploma really is second to none!

I can honestly say I have learnt so much, not only about nutrition for sport and exercise physiology, but also how to practically apply the knowledge to real world scenarios.

Paul Garrod, Performance Coach
Mary Curristin

The course has significantly exceeded my expectations.

The step by step process in each module has helped me build, improve and enhance my skillset and the continuous tutor support really sets this diploma at a top-class level.

If you want to learn, develop and put science into practice at an advanced level, this is the course for you.

Mary Curristin, Sports Scientist, Research Assistant