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Sports nutrition software, designed by sports nutritionists

Wave goodbye to time-consuming admin, coach your clients remotely and grow your sports nutrition business with our easy to use software.

Trusted by elite sports nutritionists and athletes

What is SENPRO?

We grew tired of using multiple online tools to coach clients. So, we worked with sports nutritionists to design a simple and professional platform to help you to deliver nutrition education to clients and athletes, meaning you can spend more time doing your job and less filling in spreadsheets and Google docs.

Save time with our toolkit

Wave goodbye to time consuming admin. With our library of free recipes from sports nutritionists, you don’t have to worry about coming up with new ways to fuel your athletes. You can also record and store client consultation notes, upload pictures and build nutrition programmes all in one place.

Coach your clients remotely

We know that meeting your clients in person isn’t always possible, especially when they’re on the road. With SENPRO you can schedule weekly check-ins, use the chat function to communicate and teach clients how to fuel their performance via a social media-style feed. Don’t forget, you can use SENPRO on your desktop or download our client mobile app on your smartphone.

Grow your business

We want to help you to attract and retain clients. SENPRO offers a slicker solution for coaching your athletes: showcase your branding on your profile and PDFs, accept and process payments securely and scale up as you add new clients. We’ve even created a free presentation so you can show clients how to use SENPRO. Click below to download.

Why sports nutritionists love SENPRO?

SENPRO has helped me be more efficient… as a result, I can provide a wider range of services to my clients. The continual development of the platform in line with the specific demands of performance nutrition and in collaboration with practitioners like myself is invaluable.

Vicky Newbold, SENr

Newbold Nutrition

I am finding the SENPRO platform key in how I communicate with athletes. The easy structure allows me to collate pictures and snapshots of food intake but also stay in touch when contact time is restricted, nudging them to develop the habits which will maximise their performance

James Hudson, SENr

Performance Nutritionist, Gloucester Rugby

SENPRO is exactly what our industry needed. As a practitioner I often found myself lost in admin, with my attention diverted from the important components of the work that I do. This centralised platform from which I can assess, manage and programme for clients is a valued asset to my practice. It’s easy to use, has a growing library of simple recipes and the library of infographics adds an extra dimension of education to the offerings I can provide.

Matt Jones, SENr

Performance Nutritionist

SENPRO allows me to plan my athlete’s daily nutrition with an easy to follow structure, enabling them to maximise their training and recovery

Danny Webber, SENR

Performance Nutritionist, Webber Nutrition

I’ve used other nutrition platforms in the past but SENPRO is exactly what I’ve needed as a Sports Nutritionist. It saves me a lot of time and admin, as it keeps client notes, meal plans, communications etc, all in one place

Faye Townsend, SENR, ANutr

Performance Nutritionist, Owner Faye Nutrition

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The ultimate toolbox

Specifically designed for Sport and Exercise Nutritionists


Access recipes by performance nutritionists and trained chefs, or upload and share your own.


Build personalised and periodised nutrition programmes to help clients fuel and recover.

Habit tracking

Visual habit tracking to help clients achieve their goals.


Deliver nutrition education programmes via the Feed.


Streamline your communications via SENPRO.

Food photos

Provide clients with useful feedback through food photo logging.


Schedule weekly check-ins for clients to review and reflect.

Progress tracking

Track important body composition data and other metrics.


Record and securely store client consultation notes in SENPRO.


Showcase your professional brand across the platform and professional outputs.


Build your profile, advertise services, schedule appointments and accept payments securely.

How to use SENPRO

Habit tracker

Nutrition programming

Nutrition education delivery

SENPRO pricing

Don't forget, if you pay your subscription annually, you'll get two months free. Self-employed? SENPRO is deductible from your tax bill.

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Earn £15 each time you refer a new SENPRO user

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