The Professional Platform for Sport and Exercise Nutritionists

The tools you need to manage and develop a successful practice



“SENPRO provides Sport and Exercise Nutritionists with a unique set of tools to apply evidence-based science into highly personalised and effective nutrition support.”

Dr Laurent Bannock, DProf, RNutr, SENr – CEO, The Institute of Performance Nutrition

Science to practice

Business and practice tools and resources to help you deliver a world-class service


3 great reasons to subscribe:

SENPRO app on iPhone and Macbook

1. Coaching tools for “real-world” practice

SENPRO equips you with the tools and resources required for highly effective practice, including tools to collect and analyse body composition data and other relevant metrics. Provide test result reports to help motivate your clients and promote adherence. Benefit from the expertise of The IOPN team of experienced registered practitioners with mentoring resources on how to implement these tools in a wide variety of contexts.

SENPRO app dashboard on iPhone

2. Deliver highly accessible and reliable support via the client app

SENPRO helps bridge the gap between you and your clients – from working with individual clients to multiple teams. The app provides a secure and professional environment to interact and deliver an unparalleled level of personalised support.

SENPRO tools on Macbook

3. Tools to manage and develop your nutrition business

Showcase your professional profile and services on SENPRO. Direct potential clients to your business landing page and accept payment online securely. Gain unique access to business management and development related expertise to help you lay solid foundations for building a healthy, scalable and successful practice.


The software looks extremely professional and functional and I’ll be proud to give my clients access. Having a hub where clients can track their food, message me securely, and access key documents and recipes will only make their progress easier and more efficient.

Kit Chamier, MSc, SENr
Founder of True Food

As a practitioner, the SENPRO platform provides everything I need, from monitoring athletes diets, to assigning meal plans, to collecting data and more. Plus the added benefit of having access to a fantastic pool of recipes and resources. It’s a practitioners dream to have it all run so smoothly under one roof. SENPRO will make nutrition programming so much easier for the young TASS athletes I support.

Jodie Redgrave, MSc, SENr
Founder of JR Nutrition

This is an excellent platform that allows me to work closer with my athletes by providing them with tailored nutrition plans, recipes and information guides… I’d highly recommend SENPRO for a practical and reliable means of managing an athlete’s nutrition.

Danny Webber, MSc, SENr
Founder of Webber Nutrition

The team behind SENPRO really understand what we as practitioners need. There has been a gap in the market for a platform that supports the Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, whilst at the same time providing real quality to the client/athlete. I can’t wait to start using SENPRO.

Oliver Whiteman, MSc, SENr
Founder of OWNutrition