The IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition is delivered by many of the world’s leading researchers and expert practitioners in the field of performance nutrition and related disciplines, many of who are working within high performance sport with top level teams, organisations and institutions. There is no other course that offers students the opportunity to benefit from such respected resources.

“The course provides opportunities to listen to and engage with some of the best academics and practitioners in the world.”
– Professor Craig Sale

Our resident and guest lecturing team include:

Laurent Bannock DProf MSc CSCS RNutr SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Sally Waterworth PhD MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Mark Hearries PhD(c) MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Alex Ritson MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Rianne Costello PhD(c) MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Stephen Smith PhD(c) MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Jasmine Campbell DProf(c) MSc SENr – Institute of Performance Nutrition

Prof. Don MacLaren PhD – Liverpool John Moores University

Prof. Craig Sale PhD – Nottingham Trent University

Prof. Emma Stevenson PhD – Newcastle University

Prof. Graeme Close PhD SENr – Liverpool John Moore’s University

Prof. James Morton PhD SENr – Liverpool John Moore’s University

Prof. Stu Phillips PhD – McMaster University

Prof. Kevin Tipton PhD – University of Stirling

Prof. Mark Russell PhD RNutr – Leeds Trinity University

Prof. Ben Jones PhD – Leeds Becket University

Prof. Dylan Thompson PhD – University of Bath

Prof. Craig Twist PhD – University of Chester

Prof. James Betts PhD – University of Bath

Prof. Andy Jones PhD – Exeter University

Daniel Owens PhD – Liverpool John Moore’s University

Leigh Breen PhD – University of Birmingham

Rin Cobb RD SENr, Clinical and Sports Performance Nutritionist

Kevin Currell PhD RNutr SENr– English Institute of Sport

Glenn Davison PhD – University of Kent

Kirsty Elliot-Sale PhD – Nottingham Trent University

Gethin Evans PhD – Manchester Metropolitan University

Javier Gonzales PhD – University of Bath

David L Hamilton PhD – University of Stirling

Mayur Ranchordas DProf SENr – Sheffield Hallam University

Lewis James PhD – Loughborough University

Sophie Killer PhD – Performance Nutritionist, English Institute of Sport

Ian Lahart PhD – Wolverhampton University

Duane Mellor PhD RD – University of Canberra

Lloyd Parker MSc RD – Nutritionist for Manchester City Football Club Academy and Salford Devils Rugby

Matt Reeves MSc – Head of Fitness and Conditioning, Leicester City Football Club

Matthew Furber MSc – Senior Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline Human Performance Laboratory