Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition?

The IOPN Diploma is a unique 100% online program that specifically focusses on the translation of sport and exercise nutrition science into daily practice with the aim of developing advanced level performance nutritionists who are well equipped with the confidence and competence to work with teams, individual athletes, and recreationally active clients in the “real world”.

Do you still offer the ISSN Diploma course?

The ISSN Diploma, originally conceived and developed by Dr Laurent Bannock, was the Guru Performance Institute’s flagship program for the past 5 years. In that time we, as a professional education institute, have evolved significantly, and so has the body of knowledge in sport and exercise nutrition. Dr Bannock’s recent doctoral research, in bridging the gap between science and practice in sport and exercise nutrition, resulted in our rebranding to the “Institute of Performance Nutrition” (IOPN), and the creation of our new flagship program, the “IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition”, which officially launched with the inaugural February 2019 cohort.

All current ISSN Diploma students (i.e. the 2018 cohorts) who successfully complete the program will still graduate in 2019 with the ISSN Diploma (or can transfer to the new Diploma, please contact us for more information).

What happened to the “Guru Performance Institute”?

In September 2019 we rebranded from the “Guru Performance Institute” (GPI) to the “Institute of Performance Nutrition” (IOPN) to better reflect who and what we are as an educational and research institute.

How much time will the course take to complete?

The Diploma in Performance Nutrition is an online part-time self-paced program. It has been designed to be flexible enough to accommodate students in full-time work or with other commitments. The program can be completed in 8-15 months. The average student will take 10 months to complete the program.

Do I need existing qualifications to be eligible to apply?

Yes, it is an advanced level program and will require an appropriate amount of prior knowledge to build upon.

You EITHER need to have a relevant university degree (i.e. sport science, strength & conditioning, nutrition, sports nutrition, dietetics etc);

OR accredited professional certifications (i.e. personal training, nutrition coaching etc) PLUS a minimum of 1 year of relevant experience (i.e. as a personal trainer, S&C coach, or nutritionist). This is a postgraduate level course and this requires relevant underpinning knowledge such as exercise science and basic nutrition from evidence-based sources.

Is this an Attendance (in UK) or Online / Distance Learning Course?

The Diploma in Performance Nutrition has been designed to be undertaken online using Canvas which is our online learning management system (LMS) with downloadable lecture videos, electronic format reading materials and online interactions with fellow students and tutors.


Students (and graduates) are also encouraged to attend our live events in the UK, at a special discounted rate. These events are not mandatory to graduate from the program.

What qualification(s) will I get?

Upon successful completion of all course requirements, you will earn the Institute of Performance Nutrition’s post graduate level “Diploma in Performance Nutrition”. Graduates will also be provided with an official transcript of studies.

Will it be internationally recognised?

Yes, the IOIPN Diploma is internationally recognised and accredited by many leading professional bodies and academic institutions. Read more here.


How important is it?

The IOPN Diploma in Performance Nutrition is currently the only professional practice focussed program of its kind; the course is an internationally well-respected competency-based educational programme aimed at developing highly educated and skilled sports and exercise nutrition professionals.


How much does it cost?

You can opt to pay in full or pay by instalments. Please visit the fees page for detailed information.

How do I pay?

The Diploma in Performance Nutrition can be paid for in full up-front, or via monthly instalments. Please refer to the fees page for more information.

Once your application has been approved you will receive information on how to pay by bank transfer, direct debit, debit/credit card, pay online or pay by phone.