Episode 146 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition‘s We Do Science podcast! In this episode, Laurent Bannock discusses the pros and cons of CBD usage amongst athletes with Professor Graeme Close PhD (Liverpool John Moores University, UK).


Discussion topics include:

  • What is Cannabidiol AKA “CBD”?
  • Why is CBD of interest to athletes?
  • The claims for CBD and the actual evidence
  • Prevalence and rationale for use in sport such as professional rugby
  • CBD and anti-doping risks
  • Practical advice and warnings on usage of CBD


Podcast Episode Transcript: Download PDF Copy


Key paper(s) discussed / referred to:

  • High Prevalence of Cannabidiol (CBD) Use Within 2 Male Professional Rugby Union and League 3 Players: A Quest for Pain Relief and Enhanced 4 Recovery – In press