Episode 134 of the Institute of Performance Nutrition‘s We Do Science podcast! In this episode, Laurent Bannock discuss nutrition behaviour change for professional weight-making athletes with Dan Martin PhD, Liverpool John Moores University, UK).


Discussion topics include:

  • Dietary and weight-making practices in weight-making athletes
  • Weight-cutting in the extreme life of professional jockeys
  • Exploring a multi-faceted nutrition behaviour change intervention grounded in behaviour change theory
  • An overview of the Capability, Opportunity, Motivation – Behaviour (COM-B) model and Behaviour Change Wheel (BCW) in the context of professional jockey athletes and their support network
  • A “sneak peek” into Dr Martin’s own practice as a working example of how COM-B and BCW theory can be successful applied as a bespoke nutrition behaviour change intervention in “real world” practice


Key paper(s) discussed / referred to:

  • Development and Implementation of a Nutrition Behaviour Change Intervention Grounded in COM-B and Behaviour Change Wheel Theory for Professional Weight-Making Athletes (not yet published)